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What can we do to build a simpel, professionaly designed global index of LETS system. Please note, The ACS system I am developping is a fully database backed service, so offers all functionality needed. Thatīs why the Worldbank choose it... case study worldbank

Efectively, one of the first prerequisites to me seem to be a professional immage. That might enhance the user experience, and make it easier for other organisations to take alternative solutions more serious...

-- Ben Koot (, February 01, 2001


The potential solution for Lets could look like this

-- Ben Koot (, February 01, 2001.

The link above is the website of The Worldbank. They are using the same application you are now playing with. The difference is our edition is hosted at MIT. What we need to set up as soon as possible, IMHO is our own server space where we can host the whole software package. If we than spend some time convincing the initiators of the web sites on Lets, and discussion groups there is more effective free infrastructure available, they simply link in to by placing a hyperlink on their existing web site, we have at least established a global discussion forum.

-- Ben Koot (, February 12, 2001.

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