24 Inch Artar vs. 60cm Carl Zeiss Tessar

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My 24 Inch Artar was lost during the shipment on its way to get a shutter mounted on it last week. I also have artars of 450mm and 19 inche and I like the images they produce. I also happen to have a 60cm F:9 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens in barrel. It's big and heavy, not coated. I have never got a chance to test or use it. Now my question: Anyone out there have experiences with these two lens? How do they compare in performance? I shoot 8x10 B&W landscapes and contact print only. I need to make a decision as whether to get a shutter mounted on the Zeiss or get another artar. Thanks alot!

-- Hugo J. Zhang (jinxu_zhang@ml.com), February 01, 2001



The Carl Zeiss Apo-Tessar might not be practical for your landscape work. Your Deardorff might also complain about its huge size and weight. Besides a Goerz 24" artar, you might also consider using a modern lens such as a Fujinon 600/11.5 CS, or a Doctar Apo-Germinar 600/11.5. They cost about the same $$$ as you get a 24" artar and have it mounted into a Copal #3 shutter. You might get better contrast from those two modern lenses.

-- Geoffrey Chen (DB45TEK@AOL.COM), February 01, 2001.

And now for an answer to the question: there is NO COMPARISON in performance between an Artar and a Tessar. They are completely different lenses in every way. You will find the Artar to be sharp, contrasty, COATED, apochromatic, etc, etc, etc. Bear in mind that I like the image quality of each lens, but they are dramatically different.

As for Mr. Chen's comments regarding the complaints of a Deardorff when using a big heavy lens: the Deardorff is a big heavy camera and can accomodate even the bulkiest #5 shutter/big lens combination with ease.

-- Chad Jarvis (cjarvis@nas.edu), February 02, 2001.

Agree with Chad. You can use your 60 cm F9 Carl Zeiss Tessar on your DearDorff. However, I'd also like to clear the confusion a little bit. First of all, I think what you have is an Apo-Tessar, not a plain Tessar in any series. Let me guess this lens weighs about 5-6 pounds? Secondly, when you use it, say at infinity, you need to have a 60 cm plus bellows extension. OK, the Deardorff is a heavy camera, but how do you know it is not complaining about the weight of this "Tessar"? You probably need a second tripod just to support the Tessar lens to stabilize the whole setup! Thirdly, I have never heard of anyone had mounted such a monster into an Ilex #5 shutter. Remember that the 24 " artar is just a baby (size-wise) compared to your Tessar. Cheers!

-- Geoffrey Chen (DB45TEK@AOL.COM), February 02, 2001.

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