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I am just wondering why there are things like rockets being built? The contest should be related to what one may only find in a junkyard and nothing more! I would hope that the " scientists " could be discarded from the event for two reasons... #1. They could be the weak link that tears a team apart, in turn losing the competition #2. There is no need for a scientist in a junk yard because this competition should be for the average skilled worker with basic skills as you say...carpentor...mechanic...welder/fabricator. The whole idea of the scintists i am certain, is to even the odds a little, which is a great way to do just that, but if the competition was limited to just building abstract machines then there should be no need for scientists on the battle field. It is my belief that if the contests were just kept simple...the games would be much more realistic. And one additional thing, the time frame should be(depending on machine), be more than twelve hours just for the safty of the contestants and reliability factor for the machines themselves. Rushing is not a safe practice by any means! Thank you for your time and i hope to be a contestant on the show someday!

Sincerely, John Schuler

-- JOHN J. SCHULER JR. (FUNGUYINPA24@AOL.COM), January 31, 2001


This is because it provides different challenges and may have been what the "viewers" may have wanted. In my opinion the rockets were pretty cool.

-- Robert (, February 01, 2001.

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