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Hi!!...I have a standard cd-rom drive (adaptech)...I also have my own copy of a video-cd single (aqua) question is........ how can i record using my stock standard cd-rom drive;(the video-cd)........ and convert to mp3 with the video included as part of the mp3.Or do i have to convert the vcd to mpeg...and if so how...also,will the person that i send the mpeg too require a special mpeg player such as windows media player 7??/Basically....if it is possible...what software program do i need to use in order for my recipiant to be able to play my vcd with no probs!!.....cheers....blair.

-- blair (, January 31, 2001


Mp3 is audio only ie Mpeg audio layer 3 what you want to do will require a little more thought. are you copying the VCD tomake another How are you plaining on sending it? Email? Web? CD-rom

-- ? (, March 08, 2001.

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