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I'm looking for software tools to help manage the product pipeline for a website. I work for an ASP and we think up, spec out, and program a huge number of products, including both new versions of existing products, entire new products, and smaller "mini-projects." Some products require "feature teams," others don't.

I'm looking for useful software that would ideally have the following characteristics (and maybe more that I'm not thinking of right now): -permits re-prioritization of products -assembles "to-do" lists for individual designers and programmers -can ideally by modified by more than one person -is ideally web-based, though is not an ASP (i.e. we run it on our own servers) -isn't all that expensive -allows for multiple product archetypes to be created so that different types of products will have different worksteps (i.e. backend products won't require a marcom step)

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001


Looks like you've just started putting the requirements together for an asp based (i.e. you run it on your own servers :) software project management tool. *grin* have fun.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001

Try tTrack

Hi Brendan tTrack is a web-based issue and workflow tracking system that should be ideal for you. It supports multiple nested projects, and new projects are very easily deployed because you can inherit existing workflows. Look at It's a bit of effort to configure at first (it's strength in flexibility can be considered a weakness), but the inheritance makes it very easy from thereafter to inherit whole chunks of configuration and finesse just the bits you need to change for changing circumstances.

Cheers Steph

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2001

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