Holy Moley!!!

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A 400mm f=4.5 Manual Hexanon just went for (sit down!) $522.00 on eBay! This lens was rated by Wulff as: "*400/4.5 - 2.4kg. Not very good performance" The asterik indicating that he actually owned and used this lens.



-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001


400mm f=4.5 Manual Hexanon $522.00 on eBay!

Ya, saw that. Well, now I can update that lens in the Photography Blue Book web site Konica prime lens section.

I was actually bidding (and winning) on it for a bit, I bid upto $100, but as you can see, it went wayyyy over that. I read Wulff's review too (that is why I only bid $100) to see if it was any good or not, plus it was listed "as-is" and the person selling it has NO camera knowledge! (a little scarry winning a lens for $522USD and its AS-IS from a unknowlegdeable souce) maybe we will see that lens back up on eBay again? haha.

Oh, I just sold my 1000mm f10 lens, I didn't want to really, I loved it a lot, gez, was it ever a good lens! But someone offered me more than I could say no to. So its gone. :(

I will be looking for a 400mm f5.6 UC hexanon though next, so if anyone has one... :)


-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001

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