Tachihara Shirom 6x9cm

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Has anybody expirience with the Tachihara Shirom 6x9, because Icould buy one very cheap but unused.

-- Armin Seeholzer (armin.seeholzer@smile.ch), January 31, 2001


Armin, you see a lot of those, it is a looker and will be a nice conversation piece on your mantlepiece...... if you wan to use it, then you will find it fiddly and it is a lot better to buy a medium format like a Makina 6x7 or Makina 6x9., movements limited to such a little quantity that they are hardly worth it.

-- Andrea Milano (milandro@multiweb.nl), February 01, 2001.

Hi Andrea

I allready have 2 MF cameras and I have also a 4x5 but for my holiday`s she could be good. Because I think it is better to have small movements then non! Did you work with one or do you have one?


-- Armin Seeholzer (armin.seeholzer@smile.ch), February 01, 2001.

Armin, I played with it in several occasions but decided that it didn't do anything for me, I 'd rather buy a 4x5 and add a rollfilm holder having movements and versatility of two formats. A camera is like your partner, what is good for one might not work for another. Only advice is play a lot with it and if possible take the camera for a walk, fiddle around with it..... if after a rollfilm it still turns you on.....then it is your mate, much like with people, isn't it? Good Luck!

-- Andrea Milano (milandro@multiweb.nl), February 02, 2001.

I've never seen one "in the wood," but asked questions of an eBay seller once. The answer that turned me off was his response saying no, the back doesn't reverse; one must turn the entire camera on its side for verticals.

-- Sal Santamaura (bc_hill@qwestinternet.net), February 02, 2001.

> turn the entire camera on its side for verticals.

I asked about that same camera and got an unclear response that I interpreted the same way; it looked like an interesting little camera though.

I wonder if that's really correct.

-- John Hicks (jbh@magicnet.net), February 02, 2001.

I seem to recall the camera having only a horizontal back and don't think that the construction would have allowed for a turning back( the canera appears pretty "rectangular" as opposed to "square"), however this is really a tiny camera, so apart from having to order a set of oriental hands to help you with setting the camera, turning the camera to vertical would be easy for any self-respecting tripod.

-- Andrea Milano (milandro@multiweb.nl), February 03, 2001.

Hi all, but especially Andrea

Thanks for all the good tips, I will buy these camera at least to 99%, because I get it so cheap so if I only can use the Schneider 65 mm on my 4x5 Arca it still would not be a bad deal! If I will love the Tachihara or not depends for me allmost how is it to use and how are the negs and prints looking, if the result are okay then I almost love a camera.

-- Armin Seeholzer (armin.seeholzer@smile.ch), February 03, 2001.


I did‘nt pay the Tachihara I get a better deal for me I buyed a Horsemann HF 4x5 inch, with 4 lenses because of the bigger neg. almost! It is like christmas for me!

-- Armin Seeholzer (armin.seeholzer@smile.ch), February 15, 2001.

If you use this camera from an airplane, is it an Aerial Shirom?


-- Glenn C. Kroeger (gkroeger@trinity.edu), February 16, 2001.

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