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Have a MRC 2000 with in put of 17.5 volts ac with 10 amp transformer. Trains run slow with the MRC 2000 but work ok with a old unit.Has anyone run HO decoders and HO locomotives with the unit switched to G scale. They run with a lot of power. Being switched to G scale the unit puts out more volts. No problem with lights or motors so far. Motors do not get hot. Just wonder if anyone has done this before or will it work .

-- D B Roberts (, January 31, 2001


I have the same problem.All my locos run with a lot of power when I switch from ho to g scale. I been told that it will not do any harm.If you will have any info,please let me know jack

-- J Sendow (, September 09, 2001.

I can't see how switching to G scale setting would do any good to the equipment. I operate an MRC 2000 system myself and using MRC's own 65va power supply. I have had absolutly no problems what-so-ever with it. On an average operating session, we operate 4 trains each with at least 2 locos apiece. A mix of stock Athearn, Atlas, Stewart and others. Evenold Con-Cor units. Most nights with 4 trains operating we have a total 10-11 units running together with ample power. I'd strongly suggest you find an MRC power supply made for the 2000 and change your system over. I don't think you'd be disappointed in the performance then. Good luck Dave

-- Dave (, September 09, 2001.

Just talked to MRC tech about the problem with running HO on G scale.Told me it is OK but not to run full blast.It is possible that the unit was wired wrong.The best thing is to send it to them and they will correct this problem I will do that Jack

-- Jack Sendow (, September 10, 2001.

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