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Would like ideas, resources, etc. on middle school teambuilding activities to use INSIDE & outside classroom - 60 minutes, 15-20 students, requiring minimal props,items. Thanks

-- Marty Martin (, January 31, 2001


Dear Marty,

My name is Dennis Maas and live and work in Holland. I am a PE teacher and am looking for teambuilding excersize for the students. I am hoping that you can give me some information where I can find excellent teambuilding excersizes for in the classroom and also for outdoor. In holland we are already using alot of them. Like the spidersweb. the walking A, over the top, the magic circle ect ect. To be honest, I think for you these are OLD NEWS and hopefully you can help me find other idea's or places where I can find some... It would be GREAT for the students because Teambuilding is VERY educational full and fun to do..

Thanks alot Dennis Maas

-- Dennis Maas (, March 14, 2002.

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