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Hi all,

I've been thinking about using the fine rectangular metal lens shade that came with the 28mm f/3.5 hexanon on my 40mm f/1.8 hexanon (both 55mm). In the lensreviews on this GREAT site, Gene Windell writes that the 28mm's lenshade is also great for the 21 and 24mm lenses and that the 35mm f2.8 hexanon rectangular metal lens shade is also great for the 40, 50 and 85mm.

My question: what is the difference between those two lensshades? And does my 40mm f/1.8 receive "optimum shading" from the 28mm's lens shade? Thanks!!

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001


Lens Shades


I own both of these shades as well as several Hexanon round metal screw-in types for specific focal lengths.

I agree with Gene in that the beauty of the 35 mm rectangular shade is very good and works on a variety focal lengths (35, 40, and 50mm in my case). In particular, I think the 40mm, f/1.8 really benefits rom a lens hood because the front element is barely recessed. I believe the 35mm hood would be a better choice than the 28 mm simply becuase it is slightly larger would be a better choice for the 40 mm. But the 28mm would certainly be better than nothing.

One drawback to the rectangular hood is that it makes the use of polarizing filters difficult - getting your fingers in to adjust the filter is difficult. This is where the round screw-in type lens hood excels. You simply rotate the hood to rotate the filter.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001

24mm/28mm rectangular shade.

Hi Sierk,

Interesting question, I think I would use a 55mm circular shade instead of the rectangular one for the 40mm for two reasons:

1. The 24mm is 84 degrees wide, the 28mm is 75 degress wide, and the 40mm is 56 degrees wide, so really that means you will have 19 degrees not being optimumly shaded.

2. I can agree that is it much harder to use a circular polerizer compaired to a round shade.

But, the rectangular shade just looks so cool, different and unique, so its upto you. :))

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-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001

Lens Shade Usage

I use my 24/28mm rectangular shade on my 40mm lens regularly. In fact, it's the ONLY shade I have ever used with this lens. Works perfect and looks cool, IMHO. It may be breaking the "rules" but it works!


-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001

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