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Has anyone besides me noticed Aeon's physical resemblance to actress Wendy Malik of the TV show Just Shoot Me? Is this just a coincidence? The resemblance I mean, not my noticing.

-- Allen Burns (allenrb@ix.netcom.com), January 31, 2001


Does she play the aging model? She does seem similar somehow. I think it's the voice quality too.

-- Matthew Rebholz (matrebholz@yahoo.com), January 31, 2001.

Yes that's the one. I noticed the voice resemblance also. Being tall and thin, the physical build is very similiar also. When you consider that a TV screen makes people look ablut 10% heavier, the resemblance is even closer. In scenes where her hair is mussed the resemblance is uncanny.

-- Allen Burns (allenrb@ix.netcom.com), February 01, 2001.

Anyone got a picture? I'd like to see one...

-- Kiru B. (kirub@earthlink.net), March 12, 2001.

This is something that I never thought of before, but she does kinda look like Aeon. This is the woman who was on "Dream On" we are talking about? Not the shorter dark complectioned one?

-- (hammerofthehorse@BigPoppaPump.zzn.com), March 13, 2001.

No, she isn't attractive enough and she is too old. Aeon is young. The reason you can't cast a real person as Aeon is because she isn't real!

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), March 13, 2001.

I was simply commenting on the physical resemblance. Yes she is at present too old as well as needing the mother of pushup bra's. But remember: makeup lighting and camera angles can work wonders. You didn't think the all actresses in TV and movies looked that way in real life did you? If you did i'm sorry as hell to have disillusioned you, and of course it pains me deeply to destroy someone's world view. But while I'm on the subject I have more bad news for you. The tooth fairy isn't real either, it was your parents that put that money under your pillow. I could go on like this for pages but the dept. manager is wandering around nearby and I have to act like I'm doing something productive. Sincerely...

-- al from cal (allenrb@ix.netcom.com), March 14, 2001.

Yes, I see your point. I can see a resemblance now because she is tall and thin and female.

With the Final Fantasy movie coming out would it be possible to do a CG Aeon

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), March 14, 2001.

That movies not going to be in CG is it?

-- (hammerofthehorse@BigPoppaPump.zzn.com), March 14, 2001.

There is more to the resemblance than that Willy. You should get an update on your eyeglasses prescription, and maybe a new battery for your hearing aid. If you need more self improvement suggestions let me know and I will ask around...

-- al from cal (allenrb@ix.netcom.com), March 15, 2001.

sure, and if you want a better job maybe I can do something for you

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), March 16, 2001.

Can the mystery William please not use my email/ID, I thank you.

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), March 16, 2001.

To employment agency willy, imposter or otherwise: if that's the cleverest comment you can make it seems unlikely that you could offer me a be better job; so take your minimum wage job and...

-- al from cal (allenrb@ix.netcom.com), March 19, 2001.

yes, this is the real william and I am above futile arguments. We all have different opinions, if we can't live with this then we would be pretty unhappy. love not hate, love

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), March 19, 2001.

You must be the imposter! The real William would never spout this New Age slush.

-- al from cal (allenrb@ix.netcom.com), March 22, 2001.

I donīt know what you`re gonna say or think, but I personally love Wendy Malik. Sheīs just great and terrific gorgeous woman. I love her ever since she used to act with james Naughton in the early version of "E.R". I donīt remember what is called. Anyway, I still love Wendy. From Santiago, Chile, Rolf

-- Rolf Gerhard M (Rolfilio@hotmail.com), February 25, 2004.

Jeez, is this thread still active? It's been three years. I've never even had the bookmark on my current computer, since I made all the original posts from a computer at a job I no longer have. Frankly, the way people seem to be obsessed with the fine details of an obscure cartoon is one of the minor mysteries of life. It hasn't even been on TV in my area for years. Re Ms. Malik. I heard her interviewed on PBS once, she came across as intelligent and articulate.

-- Al Burns (allenrb@ix.netcom.com), February 26, 2004.

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