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Just thought I'd share this with you fellow JYW junkies: I went in to mail off my team's application package today. The line was from hell, but I was determined to get it done so I waited. I get to the postal worker, a seemingly nice man in his late forties, who systematically and professionally weighed the package. He then started to ask me to choose between mailing options (price vs. time)...

PW: "next day or two to this for Junkyard Wars?" ME: "Uhhhh...yes, even that it is." PW: (quite loudly) "I LOVE that show!! 'Application for 2001' gonna be on it?" ME: "I hope so, but we'll see." PW: "OH WOW!! I've met someone who's gonna be on the show! Hey Bill, come over here and look at this!!" ME: "Uhhhh...wait, I'm not..." PE: "'Member that thing on TV last week that I had you guys over for?" PW-BILL: "You mean where they build junk out of junk?" PW: "That's the one! This guy's gonna be on it!" ME: "Well actually I'm just *applying* to be on the show. You have to be selected and this is my team's application package." PW: "Oh really? What did you have to do to apply?" PW: "...Well don't worry, we'll make sure this gets there today!" PW-BILL: "Yeah, I'll have John take it over personally to make sure. He drives the truck." ME: "Uhhhh...okay, thank you very much, I appreciate the effort. Glad you two are such big fans of the show!" PW: "We have a whole group that watches it every week. It's on Mondays now, did you know that?" ME: "Yup. Okay, well thanks again. See ya!" PW-BILL: "Good luck and let us know if you made it!!" ME: "We'll do."

Haaahhhhhh. Funny that, isn't it? They seemed like nice people. And just FYI: the package had to go a looooonnnngg way from Van Nuys to Burbank (~10 miles), so their promise is reasonable, for those of you who are curious as to the logistics. ;)

So that's that. We've applied. BTW, I'd be curious to see what other teams chose to explain in their video. But p'raps that should wait until after the 16th.

Well take care, again, best of luck to all!

Jerry Adair - Leader, The Desert Rats

-- Jerry Adair (, January 31, 2001


Your wish is my command.

-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (, February 16, 2001.

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