Water Cannon Derby

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With a tip of the hat to the NERDS, whose centrifugal pump stands as one of the great Junkyard Wars achievements, why not have a bit more fun with water cannon? Each team would again build a boat outfitted with pump and nozzle, but rather than extinguishing rather dubious fires on land, their goal would be to disable the opposing vessel.

The completed boats would have several targets strategically placed by the Junkyard Wars producers. The targets could be quite simple--merely paper or plastic stretched over a wire hoop, similar to a snare drum head. The first team to puncture the other team's targets using their water cannon (or the first team to swamp the other boat) would win the battle.

Teams would have to choose between the speed and maneuverability of their vessels, water cannon capacity, or even defensive meansures like shielding or a bailer. Getting the craft together in 10 hours would require the discipline of a seasoned team, but oh! what a fantastic water battle would follow!

-- Justin Fries (jfries@nc.rr.com), January 31, 2001


I like this idea a lot.

-- Waddy Thompson (cthomp3851@aol.com), February 01, 2001.

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