If your church were to apply for a faith based grant what project would you like?

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Since we are discussing faith based programs. If you or your church were to apply for a faith based grant. What community project would you like to implement in your community and why?

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001


Reading Program - I would like to be able to hire college students and others to read to our pre-school children; to teach reading and writing to the school-age children. Also establish adult education programs consisting of reading to the adults. We are going to do this but it would be much faster if I could get a grant to pay the salaries of these students. It would also provide income for our college students during vacations and summer school, getting double for our tax dollars. This type of program could eaisy evolve into a chartered school program. Blessings Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001

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