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I'm able to create nice looking .jpg slideshows using Nero 5.0 on my Pioneer DV-333. I can set the duration in Nero for 10 seconds so I can get something like 5+ hours of "slides" to show up. I'm trying to create a retail POP (point of purchase) display and need for the slideshow to repeat or loop indefinately.

Do I have to get another program and possibly create a menu or chapter to get it to repeat or loop.

I've tried the repeat and repeat A-B buttons on both my Pioneer and Phillips 711 stand alone players but no dice... :-(


-- Lee A Keiser II (, January 30, 2001


You know... i have no idea WHY it worked but it did xatshow. its a slick little proggie that you can use to make a VCD image of a slideshow... there is a box to check that says "play slideshow once" or something... i left it unchecked and TADA. it has a selection of image types "i went with .nrg" it maked the image... i burned it... i played it... TADA. looping slideshow.

give it a shot

psssst 801fvoqi

-- domo (, June 27, 2003.

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