i hav a neat idea

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Hello, I had a pretty neat idea maybe you won,t like this cause it's a kids idea, but I thought that it would be neat if kids got to go on the show so it would be adults vs. minors. I hope you can do that because it would be fun to go on the show with friends and work on some junk to build stuff. Oh I have one idea have people build helicopters. It might be hard but it would be cool.

Your fan, Greg Rachkovsky

P.S. I absolutly love the show it is great!

-- greg rachkovsky (bea37@hotmail.com), January 30, 2001


It's always good to hear from kids. I'm not with the show, but I think I can answer your questions for you.

They don't have kids on the show because of legal problems. There is no way to protect the producers of the show from the lawyers if a kid gets hurt. That's why the show is limited to adults. I believe that Cathy Rogers, she's one of the show's hosts and the executive producer, once said that they were looking into a kid's version of the show, but hadn't figured out the details yet.

Helicopters are a popular suggestion, but are a very difficult problem. It turns out that helicopters (and real flying airplanes) are full of really complex parts that have to be very light and very strong. It is probably not possible to build a manned flying vehicle in 10 hours that would be safe to get into (or even near!). I wouldn't want to be within a half-mile of a bodged-together helicopter rotor.

Thanks for writing your post and keep watching the show!

By the way, you can read a lot of ideas people have already suggested for challenges in the "Older Messages" section below. The idea for a kid's version and the one for helicopters have both been posted LOTS of times. It's considered polite in an Internet forum to try to not just repeat what's been written already.

-- Rick Tyler (rick@raf.com), January 30, 2001.

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