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another challenge could be to build a it a metal lathe or wood lathe...which ever team hold the closest tolerences wins! either gas or elec ( battery) powered....or another source of power???

-- tim (, January 30, 2001


I just had this vision of a metal lathe powered by small-block V8. Maybe a fuel-injected 327 out of a '63 Vette, or even a Ford 351 Cleveland?

More power! (Insert Tim Allen noises here.)

-- Rick Tyler (, January 30, 2001.

6-71 Detroit Deisel power from a semi. Gawd i love to hear a screaming detroit at speed. I want a 4-53 for my could turn a cannon barrel with one of those noisy b@#$%rds. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

-- Stephen A. Binion (, January 30, 2001.

naw not oringinal. you need to come up with something you never seen before and something you would want to beat up if you loose. plus yours is totaly dagerous to the contestant that would be lathing you try it first and if you servive then you suggest it so back to the drawing baord for you

-- A.k.a fred (, January 31, 2001.

yeah fred! making a propeller blade from a 2X6 isnt dangerous? go away fred...what kind of ideas do you have?..hmmm? probably something involving beer, right?

-- tim (, January 31, 2001.

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