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Maybe Red Green of the Red Green show [the Dean of duct tape] could be a Guest host?

-- Thomas Grier (, January 30, 2001


Or maybe they could get everyone's favorite clown with a bad attitude, Kablamo. Just a thought.

-- (, January 30, 2001.

If you look back several postings you'll see that I already suggested as guest hosts or team leaders as red Green or Tim Allen or Jay Leno. I am more inclined to see Red Green or Tim Allen. On the lighter side very little would get accomplished but I'm sure most all viewers would end up peeing themsleves from laughter. Tell me that would be worth more than the project itself.

We all agree that we we take a lot of this show seriously.However that little bit of humor carrys a lot of weight.

Maybe we are on the same wavelenght seeing as we both thought of Red Green Mr. Duct Tape himself.

-- Jerry Johnson (, January 30, 2001.

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