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Electric Dog


My neighbors cat keeps getting under my house, no matter how well I cover any openings. Once the cat is under my house, there is nothing for me to do but crawl under the house myself to scare the cat out. I need an electric dog, it canít be gas powered because it might asphyxiate the cat. The electric dog must be able to fit in a 12 inch square hole, turn at least 90 degrees and exit out another 12 inch hole. To make it ecologically safe, it canít be run off of battery power, the electricity must be created by human means.


A 12 inch wicket at the start of the then another 12 inch wicket perpendicular to the first placed 12 feet diagonal away. The fastest Ďdogí to go through both of them it the winner. You can have two of these setup side by side to race.

-- Jim Wright (james@jimwright.org), January 30, 2001


Umm....have you ever considered just spraying the cat with the hose....that would scare it out

-- JunkMan (r1ddller@juno.com), January 30, 2001.

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