Yay! Robert's back YAAAY!!!

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Great to see Robert back on the scrapheap, introducing tonite's challenge by quoting Henry V!

Not that I have anything against George. George is OK, took a bit of getting used to, but it's just much better seeing Robert there. Hope Cathy comes back --she was the perfect co-presenter for both Robert and George.

Now, are these all new episodes or repeats of the first series? Either way it works for me, since I missed out on the premier Junkyard Wars marathon on December 6th and wouldn't mind getting those on tape at all.

I think TV Guides all across the country dropped the ball on this one. The listings didn't show the new timeslot at all, and I only learned during a cross-promo for TLC during a Discovery Channel programme on dam disasters of the change --and with only five minutes before the beginning of the repeat airing.

-- Patrick Degan (pcd001@my-freenet.com), January 29, 2001


Jeff, from the Nerds, answered your question a few questions back. This is the first season and Kathy was behind the camera then. She has not gone anywhere, it's that she has not arrived yet. It's a time machine thing. They should build one of those now that I think about it.

-- Steve Cianfichi (scianfichi@aol.com), January 30, 2001.

It's Cathy not Kathy, my mistake. At least I caught myself!

-- Steve Cianfichi (scianfichi@aol.com), January 30, 2001.

Whimpy little trebuchet and catapult!!!! George's first season was better than Robert's first season.What's with all the over acting..... "Singin in the rain" I guess it was cute?

-- John gap (mindthegap64@hotmail.com), January 30, 2001.

Robert was ... annoying!

Yep, George wasn't this bad in his first episode.

Three seasons later, Robert was definitely better. Who knows if George will get three seasons to shape up like Robert did.

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-- Dan Hollis (goemon@blort.invalid), January 30, 2001.

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