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Do you get bizarre cravings? I always do when I'm running. This time it was cookies, but sometimes it's ice cream, or Chex mix or bread or something...

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2001


Occasionally for Fig Newtons -- and then I will eat a couple and remember, I really don't like them that much.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2001

This time of year, Girl Scout Cookies. It probably helps that my daughter's selling them, but still... samoas... mmm... Can't wait to find out what the Aloha Chips are like. Macadamia White Chocolate chip cookies are my favorites already.

My own home-brewed beer. I've never gotten a hangover drinking it, even though it's usually 4-5% alcohol, and I'll drink more of it in a night than I do regular beer, which does make me feel less than well. This craving is, unfortunately, one of the reasons why I don't brew very much any more.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2001

you know that simpsons where homer stays home from church and because he's by himself can indulge in his favorite breakfast, which appears to be a whole stick of butter? Well, I don't do that, but the week before my period I find myself buying some good bread and slather butter or goat cheese all over it. Like, way more butter than I eat normally. I get serious fat cravings. I also need something cheese-y or salty in the afternoons. I can usually deal with carrot sticks and hummus but I've discover wasabi roasted peas. o my god.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2001

Jen, I just read something somewhere saying that in the premenstrual week, womens' energetic requirements go up by 300-500 calories a day, which made me feel better about my own PMS pigging out. So, keep slathering on that butter--you need it!

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2001

I am infamously know in my family for my cravings. I don't just crave something, eat it and have the craving assauged. No, I must eat what I crave for breakfast, lunch and dinner until I get sick of it.

Recent cravings: Home made oatmeal with cinnamon and Splenda with a pat of butter. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Milky Ways. I adore food. No craving is strange to me.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2001

hash cookies ;-)

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001


Crunchy, kosher style dill pickles. One time I ate an entire jar! (The small one, anyway).


:) DL

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2001

I always crave orange juice after a hard work out....too bad i don't work out as much! Now i crave breads because i think my body thinks I'm going to work out but then i don't. So it all adds up to me getting fatter because i don't burn off those thousands of carbs from the breads i eat!

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2001

I have been craving black olives. Today I ate 5 cans. But this is just my most recent craving. My other past cravings have been, dill pickles, pastrami, and sliced roast beef (or steak with A-1). I still occasionally eat the Mt. Olive kosher dills (1 large jar every day or two). I don't think I'm craving salt per se. I'm not getting dehydrated. I'm a type 2 diabetic on insulin, I have uterine fibroids, and a simple goiter. Anyone have any ideas? Also, this may not be of craving status yet, but when I wake up, I'm mostly only interested in eating a shaved ham/swiss (lo salt/fat ok) sandwitch with mayo and DEFINITELY the sliced dill pickles!! I could eat this for all of my food-plus- of course, the black olives.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2001

i am a freak for ice, i eat a dozen cups or more a day!!! tough on the teeth...but i can't go without it.

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2002

ok am i the only one out there who craves soap.i love irish spring and dial this a sickness or what???

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2002

I constantly crave green olives. Also, another thing that I crave is cottage cheese. Sometimes pepperoncini peppers, too.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2002

I too crave soap. I prefer dove. Actually here in Canada, you can actually buy "soap gum". Its called "thrills" made by Willy Wonka. It looks like purple chic-lets. There is one store in town that orders it in for me, and I will eat 10 packs a day if its around. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but its sooooo good, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

I have alot of bizarre food cravings, like right now, while I'm surfing on the Net, I'm eating slices of bread dipped in Ranch Dressing. When I was 12 I used to sneak into the fridge, grab some slices of bread and saturate them with soy sauce. I can't do that anymore because soy blocks the absorption of the medication I'm taking. I also used to love pickle and peanut butter sandwiches. Gross? Maybe, but it's good...! Sometimes I get the craving for peanut butter/chocolate ice cream.That's not so bizarre, what's bizarre is that I made my husband take me to Baskin Robbins immediately so I could have it right then.

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

My cravings aren't bizarre, just my behavior. Sometimes I just have to have a super large serving of MacDonald's french fries ( with a diet Coke). I'll drive to the nearest MacDonald's ( alone, since I don't want any in my family to know) get my fix, hide the evidence, and then of course, feel guilty. My children have all grown out of a desire for fast food, but not me.

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

I too am an ice craver, by the end of the day my teeth are sore, this may not be such a bad thing, since this craving started I've cut way down on coffee. After only 1 cup of coffee my mouth starts to water and I have to hit the ice tray/or ice machine if at school. Any one know what an ice craving means, can't seem to find anything on this.

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2002

I also crave ice, eat it by the glass full. I just found someone else who has the same craving, and she told me it is a sign of anaemia

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2002

Craving ice is a common side effect of an iron deficiency. I used to be anemic and was addicted eating ice and did not realize that they were related at all until my dr told me this. The craving did in fact go away when the anemia problem was finally corrected. The dr said some have been known crave strange things such as laundry starch or even dirt when from severe anemia. It is an actual condition called "pica."

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002

I too have severe ice cravings. I eat it all day long. I am anemic and the ice craving goes away when my iron level rises. Has anyone experienced heart palpatations while eating ice ? That is the only time I have them, and it seems to be related. It's like I " freeze" my esophagus or something ( similar to brain freeze ) and that sets off the palpatations. Anyone else experience something similar ?

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002

I was happy to see that I am not alone in my soap fetish. It is a pleasure I picked up maybe as a child. I love the taste of Dial Gold. It is so fresh and clean. I find joy in taking a big sniff then scraping my teeth along the bar of soap and chewing on the chards. I also enjoy chewing it into my gum for longer lasting flavor. Maybe it was all the times I was punished with soap in my mouth as a child, but I don't regret it. I really find happiness in a nice new bar of Dial Gold. If I don't have that then Irish Spings is my second choice. I wondered if it has any adverse side affects, but according to the customer service rep. @ the Dial Corp. there aren't any. Or maybe she did'nt want to lose a customer. Oh, I smell it right now, gotta go, a half eaten bar of Dial is calling me!!!!

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2002

My friend has been searching for an answer as to why she craves nuts. Any suggestions?????

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

Here is a site that may be interesting. I am also anemic and eat more than 10 large glasses of ice a day. Crushed, cubed, shaved, anyway I can get it. I have gone through 2 icemakers and if the ice wasn't ready I would scrape the ice from the freezer. Get help for your anemia, it may just require 1 over the counter suplement a day, but it could save your life. visit this site for interesting info on PICA.

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

I have been craving green olives for 6 months now. I've gone through dozens of jars & am just wondering if there is any health related reason like with the ice & anemia. Or even what nutritional value olives have.

-- Anonymous, June 21, 2002

I have recently been craving fresh/uncooked mushrooms. I can not get enough. I also crave ice cubes/frozen water. Help.

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2002

I am also a soap lover. It amazed me to find so many people that can lather up in the tub and eat it too. I got a lot of mouthwashings when I was a boy and I can tell you, I have had the worst of the worst used in my mouth. I began to enjoy it though in my late teens and continue to punish myself on a regular basis. I mostly use Ivory or Coast, as they lather good and leave a bad taste in my mouth, just like I used to get. The worst was when I had to stay with my elderly auntie and she would get out a bar of brown lye soap! That was the absolute worst I ever had. Unfortunately, you can't find the old lye soap out there anymore or I would have several bars stocked up! Anyone interested in this fetish, I will gladly correspond. Contact

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2002

When I was a kid in the 60's my mother used to eat Argo Corn Starch. They used to make it in small chunks that I loved. Exlax or Milk of Magnesia used to make their product in a chalky, square block that I would sneak and eat. As a kid I loved eating dirt. Each time I was pregnant, I craved Argo Starch or dirt. I knew it was unhealthy to eat the dirt, but I couldn't help it. When I can't eat it, I'll sit and smell it. When my period comes each month the dirt craving comes. I found out that I have an anemia trait that I've had over 25 yrs.!

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

I also am a soap lover. I used to get my mouth washed out with soap on the most regular basis and just got used to it. I now get a bar of Camay or Safeguard, or other soaps, and just lather my mouth up and enjoy the soap lather. The taste is not important, but the strong smelling lather is. I am actually used to the taste and enjoy it! Gobs of lather is what I like, then I take a hot bath with the same soap and use my mouth for a soap dish while I wash. I thought I was really crazy, until I saw that others did the same thing.........

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

when i finish swimming i always crave peanutbutter toast with butter and grape jelly...the only time i crave this is after swimming...wierd huh?

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2002

I LOVE ice. I chew it...crunch it...suck on it right out of the freezer over the sink...etc. It really gets on my fiance's nerves, but I can't stop! I find myself driving home from work and stopping by the local Shell station to get a fountain soda just because it has ice chips in it! I haven't been to the doctor to see if I am anemic, but I am going to ask the next time I go.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

Talk about soap fetishes....I am a 37 year old women..and when I curse, my boyfriend washes my mouth out with soap ..not just any soap, but the nuclear of all soapings...LAVA.. He handcuffs me , spanks me and soaps me. i get all pouty and sad...and sssoooo horny, weird, huh? does any else do this to their loved ones? He keeps a bar in his truck..on his person ..and any where he can grab it as a means of discipline!!! It turns me on like crazy and I have really cut back on my fresh mouth!

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2002

Oh my God! I can't believe I'm not the only one who craves ice like this. I mean I will literally fill the ice tray with only a little bit of water so they'll freeze quicker. Then I crunch on them in about an hour and do it again. I also find myself getting fountain drinks now JUST so I can get the ice. And if that wasn't bad enough, I even keep 2 glasses of ice on my desk whenever I can refill them and munch on them all day at work. This is so bizarre. This craving just started this summer. I'm not pregnat or anemic. What is going on????

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

I'm so glad that I found this sight. I knew that ice cravings were a symptom of anemia. I've been anemic for about 3 years. When I got pregnant, my doctor gave me a great iron supplement and I'm still supposed to be taking them but I won't. I feel that I'm ADDICTED! I love the feeling of the ice, especially when it's crushed really fine. I've had three root canals but I just don't want to stop. I must eat 15 trays a day. Pathetic, isn't it!

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2002

yea i cant stop eating ice, i scrape it out of the freezer on to a plate, and then cant wait til it 'grows' back so i turn the freezer to a colder setting!!!!! does any 1 else do this????

-- Anonymous, September 03, 2002

Ice....It's just something about it that makes it so damn good.. I eat buckets of crushed ice a day. I mean I fill up the big country crock butter container up and just sit down with a spoon and eat it all up...... Yummy

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2002

ICE..... I realize that I am anemic but My levels get soooo low that I just can't get enought 5 pound bags a week. I seriously thought about buying a new refrigerator so I could have a fine crushed ice maker available to me quickly!!! I purchased a ice shaver this July to save my teeth from becoming damaged due to the large amount of ice that I consume in 24 hours. I had a gastric bypass in January of 2000 & ever since I lost over 200 pounds I have severly anemic due to not eating high amounts of proteins in my diet. I would like to consider a different treatment option rather than 3 to 5 iron supplements a day, possibly iron injections or a time release medication that I could take just once a day. Go to go refill up my 64 ounce cup of ice. Any comments - I need serious attention, to STOP this Obession/Addiction to ICE!!!! I would like to here from you SOOOOOOOONNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ERIKA

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2002

Celery. I have no idea, but if I touch celery, even if I wash my hands I can smell it all day, I can smell it if it's anywhere near me, and it makes my mouth water for celery. Mmmm and celery juice.

Yeah, I know it's weird, and just typing this has made me want some.

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

I have pickle cravings especially around that time of the month. I just want to go to IN and Out and order a triple cholcolate shake, french fries and two sides of pickles. Anyone who hasn't tried this hasn't lived!!!!

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2002

I have had the same food craving for the past 3 months, which is a bagel toasted with cream cheese and pepperoni's layered in between. Do you think that's weird. When I was pregnant 10 years ago after I delivered my Doctor ordered a light lunch for me, which included turkey with mayo on white bread, white grapes, some jello, and milk. I couldn't believe it when for the next year and half after I delivered all I craved was Turkey on white bread and white grapes. I have been tested and I have anemia. Yes I like to chew ice but I had to stop due to my teeth being sensitive.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2002

I thought I was the only crazy person eating ice. I eat at least 8 glasses a day. If I go out I bring an igloo filled to last me. It's so bad that my husband goes mad when he sees me with a glass of ice. He says I'm sick. I am anaemic. But some people say it's a zinc deficiency. But I've looked it up and can find no link. My Dr told me that its only water and water is good for you. I'd love to know if I'm really doing my body any harm.

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2002

Well since so many of you have said it I suppose it's not necessary for me to mention that I thought I was the only crazy person crunching ice! And my fiance just can't stand it. He really has tried to help me and doesn't understand why I'm so obsessed. I know this is awful for my teeth but I can't stop! Thank you all for sharing your stories. I now know that I am not alone in constantly refilling trays from the freezer, and here on my college campus I'm always going to one of the dining halls to pick up cups of ice. When I think about the sheer volume of ice I consume every day, I'm amazed. I can't wait to get a cup of ice every morning, I crave it all night. What's the matter with me?! I've been anemic before and probably am now. I promise I'll see a doctor and take some iron...after I crunch my next cup. Does anyone happen to know what the actual connection is between ice crunching and anemia? What causes a pica?

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2002

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