Buried treasure

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The challenge:

A short race to a large pile of sand which the contestants must move in order to find a chest hidden within. The first to retrieve their chest and return to the start line win.

This would present opportunities to attempt several approaches, such as a bladed vehicle, some kind of bucket or drag loader, or even an auger.

Should be both entertaining and educational.

-- Sean McKellips (mckellips@uswest.net), January 29, 2001


I really like this idea. It does allow for some very interesting ideas. At least it sounds more fun than simply digging a hole to put a car into... Perhaps the diging device will have to be attached to a vehicle which will then have to carry the team across the finish line... and being motile on sand is a difficult thing.

-- Aaron Engi (lospantalones@yahoo.com), January 30, 2001.

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