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a few suggestions: a car lift,or coveyor crane,whatever-they just have to move as many cars over a barrior without touching it or the car.

drilling machine; deepest hole @ maybe a 3 foot minimum diameter in a hour.

a machine that jumps over a wall-back and forth as many times as possible

any machine that can lift the heaviest payload off the ground but, must itself clear the ground by six inches,(example;plane,baloon,hovercraft,or helicopter

-- tony bulchak (, January 29, 2001


I like the crane - but all the cars have to be Morris Mini's or VW bugs!

For the digger: How about dig the most postholes in 30 minutes, we supply the fenceposts. (The posts have to be buried up to a painted mark on each post - keeps everybody honest) But how do you make a machine to dig a posthole? It's pretty hard to make an auger from junkyard parts.

There's a machine used to dig narrow trenches for cable TV or telephone wires. It's called a "ditch witch" and it operates like a chainsaw with little scoops instead of blades. It might be fun to dig a meter deep trench with a machine. The longest trench wins. This might be more do-able.

-- TL (, January 30, 2001.

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