Tug Boat!!!

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Make tug boats You can think the rest.

-- Vijay Mehra (AMehra1@aol.com), January 29, 2001


Tug boats would be awsome They should put that on the show!!!!

-- Cody Stockwell (stockzzz@hotmail.com), February 02, 2001.

I agree with tug boats. After all, we've seen shows were a team's boat needed to be rescued. Or, perhaps instead of pushing/pulling boats, they could do cargo ships. Whoever can get the most weight from one side of a lake to the other within a given time period wins.

-- Kris Kleinschmidt (kkleins2@home.com), April 02, 2001.

Tug Boat Tug-o-war?

-- Dan Denney (rustrenegades@hotmail.com), April 03, 2001.

Well sure, when you put it like that it seems obvious!

-- Chip Haynes (ehaynes@co.pinellas.fl.us), April 06, 2001.

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