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The year 1787 is designated as the year when the AMEC was founded. The birth pangs was not based on theological disputes but instead a quest for racial justice amidst the sociological inconsistencies of United Methodist practioners. My question is rather basic. Why do we recognize 1787 as the founding of the AMEC when no such church in a literal and legal sense was founded that year? The property acquisition where Mother Bethel currently stands did not occur until years later and the all important articles of incorporation and African Supplements were not ratified until the mid 1790s. It appears to me that the year commemorating Founder's Day should be reexamined or we should do a better job in defining what we mean as "founded". Personally, I would argue that the appropriate year for Founder's Day would coincide with the year the articles of incorporation, developed by Allen, were ratified. This is the document that legally establishes the independence he was seeking. My understanding therefore would put the year 1794 as the founding year.

I understand the significance of what occured on that unfortunate day at St. George's with Allen, Absalom Jones and William White. Their collective resolve was inspiring to all who believe in the equality of man. But, this reaction was a protest movement and an important precursor to civil disobedience. Brick, mortar, property, deeds and organization came years later culminating in the year 1816 when our Zion was legally formed and recognized as an independent denomination. When the year 2016 rolls around how will we reference this bicentennial? QED

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2001


You are correct with your dates. However, I believe we have already celebrated our bi-centennial. Blessings Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2001

I must ask whether or not the founding of a church is only in the legal sense. Or when a body of believers begin to gather on a regular basis. Especially in methodism...where you have societies before you have churches.

Case in point...Bethel in Providence is said to be founded in 1795 as the African Freedmen Society, but was not incorporated until 1820.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001

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