Will you consider this?

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My suggestion is that as the show becomes more popular,you change the format to one that allows more time to engineer, find,and al'ter,the devices.This will allow for greater ingenuity,and less inteferance when you subsidise there eforts.Time compreshion through editing should not be a problem(look at survivors).

-- Alan Donohue (A-Donohue@Webtv.net), January 29, 2001


NOOOOOOOO! The whole beauty of the show is quick and dirty engineering. The show would be ruined by elegent machines that perform like factory equipment.

-- Stephen A. Binion (Stephenbinion@hotmail.com), January 29, 2001.

I'll agree with the quick and dirity. It brings out the best in people.

-- Brian Campe (Scampo1988@aol.com), January 31, 2001.

Make it work, then make it pretty!

-- Ron Lesseraux (rlesseraux@hotmail.com), February 19, 2001.

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