A Challenge for the Producer: Warriors vs Couch potatos

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I constantly see postings claiming the writer could do far better than the teams in creating the item in question. Well, lets throw down the gauntlet: Warriors vs Couch Potatos

Every week, lets add a segment from a bar, university dorm, someone's basement,etc. and have the potatos make their rude comments on TV. They should substantiate what they say (I would do it this way because...), and the hosts and the judge can then slice and dice these people if they can't come up with the good ideas. Potatos take note, the team experts and segment judge really do know what they are talking about, so think carefully what you say...

Anyway, I hope the producers take note, and we can look forward to a more "interactive" version of our favorite show.

-- Arthur Majoor (a_majoor@hotmail.com), January 29, 2001


Perfect idea. Have a few past competitors describe their ideas and theories too, it would be fun to watch.

-- Adam Lardner (junkyardwars@djbaboo.cjb.net), January 29, 2001.

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