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I've just bought an FS1 and I'm a bit confused about the following: when I slightly depress the shutter release button, and AFTER that move the camera to a darker or brighter object, the LEDs show different values for the aperture. That means that the camera has got no exposure lock. Is this correct or is there a problem with my camera?

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2001



Hi Andy!

Yes - you are correct, the FS-1 Does NOT have an exposure lock. What I do is take the reading I want and then set it manually on the lens.


-- Anonymous, January 29, 2001

FS-1 Exposure Lock

I remember being miffed at the lack of exposure lock on the FS-1 too. I bought a brand new one in Honlulu in 1980 for $300 as I recall. When I found it didn't have exposure lock, I was furious. Should have done my homework. It was unthinkable that Konica would omit this feature, as this was the key to really gaining control of the automation process. The camera also had no single frame capability, and I starting jerking the trigger a bit after firing off two frames too many times when trying for a smooth release. I unloaded the camera after six months. Today I find myself using the FT-1 most of the time, and seldom do I use the exposure lock which is a little annoying to set. I'm not shooting a lot of action these days, so I too just go manual when I want to tweak the exposure. Still, it's nice to know the exposure lock capability is there when you really need it.


-- Anonymous, January 29, 2001

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