Rally 11th February in Canberra

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Dear All, Please note that the Friends of the ABC of the ACT and Region are planning a mega-march on Parliament and a rally on Sunday, February 11... We will meet at Regatta Point about 10.30 and march to Parliament. We will be joined by thousands of fellow-Australians who have worries about the ABC in this ELECTION YEAR! You can find out more on: http://www.fabc.org.au/act/default.html I am sure that you will want to join us in demonstrating to parliamentarians in a very visible way that we, as voting citizens, are very concerned about: * funding for Our ABC * editorial independence * growing commercialisation Among speakers are: Ruth Cracknell, "the other" John Howard, Geoff Morrell, Quentin Dempster, Rhys Muldoon, and others. Marching with us will be influential members of Canberra society. Will you please join us? Please pass the word on to those with whom you work, play, listen, watch or surf...either through forwarding this email or letting your mates know where to get more information on the web... Many thanks.

In you are in Canberra on the 11th, see you there.

Peter Dyce

PS the mailing list is screwing up my email address. Please note my address is pdyce@spirit.com.au.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2001


We hope to see as many people as possible at the Rally. Drop everything else you may have planned to do that day - if you want to retain the ABC in it's intended role - this is important.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2001

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