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hello! I;m from slovenia and I need some information from chamonix.I"ll come with my friends to climbing and tour skiing in valley in march.wee plane to stay on house "refugge argentiere".So here is first answer is winter room open and how many places is there,second question is,is any stove there to burn and make ambient more nice.we need iformation about ice routes(classic) in les Courtes and Droites.I"L be very happy if you can give some iformation about my question,thank you very much.marjan

-- marjan brodar (, January 29, 2001


The winter section should be open. There is plenty of space, as it is the same dorm rooms as in summer. There is no stove, so you need to bring your own. Check at the OHM in Chamonix for the latest conditions. They have all the topos and a xerox machine.

-- Q.-Tuan Luong (, January 29, 2001.

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