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How about having the teams build a perpetual motion machine! The teams that has their machine run the longest with NO source of power (Gas engines or electric) would be the winner. This could be done in a lot of different ways like a spring clock works or pendulum, maybe even a hanging weight type clock or gyro. There are a lot of other types that I can't think of right now . But the possibilities are almost endless.

-- Rick The Rocket (Future Junky) (, January 28, 2001


Building the machines would be great fun, but the hang up with this one is that watching perpetural motion machines wind down could take forever, not so good for adrenelin stirring video. It would be about as intresting to have each team take a mechanical watch apart, hand it over to the opposing team, and then both teams put them back togather and see which one runs longest. You're thinking though, and that's good.

-- Waddy Thompson (, January 29, 2001.

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