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I'm just curious about those of you who use a monorail camera, and also a lightweight field camera. I'm a glutton for punishment no more. Ebony here I come. Just can't take that Calumet 45N out into the field much longer. But I like my Schneider APO Symmar 150 mm. What do you do when using two large format cameras?

-- Raven (, January 28, 2001


Raven: I use both the Graphic View II monorail and an MPP technical camera. I am fortunate that the lensboards interchange, so the lenses swap readily between cameras. I was not smart enough to plant this ahead of time, it just worked out that way. I usually carry my camera on the tripod and I don't notice much weight difference. However, I am getting too old for hiking up a mountain and usually limit my excursions to within a few hundred yards of the car. I use the MPP more when I am shooting in rough terrain or going through the trees, as it folds up and is quite protected. I don't know if the Ebony and Calumet lensboards interchange, but you may be able to adapt one or the other so that do.


-- Doug Paramore (, January 28, 2001.

To me, there're two issues involved. One is being able to use lenses on multiple cameras, and the second is having lens boards small enough that they can be conveniently transported in a backpack.

I believe that Calumet sells, or once sold, an adaptor lensboard that will allow you to mount a Linhof Technika board onto your Calumet 45N. Since Ebony uses the Linhof boards, I think that solves your problem.

-- neil poulsen (, January 29, 2001.

I've used assorted rail cameras and found them way too bulky; otoh a couple of field cameras have turned out to have limitations that started out being of no significance but later became serious.

The best solution I found was a Canham DLC 45.

Anyway...most camera manufacturers offer adaptor lensboards by which you can mount one maker's smaller lensboard on the other maker's larger board; you just keep your lenses mounted on the smaller boards. Or you might have to buy adaptor boards for each camera and mount all lenses on a third, even smaller board that'll fit both adaptor boards.

There was also a system by MC Photographic that was interesting but unfortunately was a market failure. The lenses mounted on discs, and each camera got an adaptor board that the discs bayonetted into. That equipment may turn up on the used-gear market.

Also, if you can't find an adaptor board for the bigger camera, S.K. Grimes can make it for you.

-- John Hicks (, January 29, 2001.

I have used a variety of cameras , it takes time to work out what you need best for which job, so infact, I would discourage the use of the 150mm tout court (a different thing the XL) if that's the only lens you have on 4"x5", unless, you want to get familiar with a this format and expand later on.I would recccomend it if part of a set. Studio requires different lenses for sure, if you have to pick one because of budget limitation and the need of doing different things with it, I would then choose the 180mm. Very good in portraits, product and so on.If you have a field and the studio camera I'd reccomend a field with any Linhof or clone and a Linhof or a camera with a linhof adapter (practically every brand has that!). I use a Cambowide 58mmXl, a Shen Hao 4"x5" with 75mm. 150mm, 210mmm. A Tachihara 8"x10" with a 240mm, 365mmm.

-- Andrea Milano (, January 29, 2001.

In the studio I use an old and simple Linhof standard.

-- Andrea Milano (, January 29, 2001.

I've had a Toyo 45AR for about 15 years. Recently took it out in cold weather. The focusing rail was stiff and slow to move in the cold. So I bought a Toyo 45CX. Uses same lensboards & same backs. Now I have my choice, and a backup. Monorail is much faster to use, but bulkier.

-- Charlie Strack (, January 29, 2001.

I have three large format cameras, made by three very different companies, that use the same set of lenses. The secret is that all are mounted on Linhof Technika boards and that two of the cameras use adapter boards (the third was designed with the Linhof mount.)

-- Ellis Vener (, January 29, 2001.

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