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My friend has a Karaoke VCD that I would like to make a copy for myself. Is it possible with my SONY CDR-W?

-- L. Bugay (, January 28, 2001


yes you can probably burn that pirate disk. you just need to use nero and set the options to burn differently than normal. it's just like copying a copywrited game. (for backup purposes only) you can get these settings by going to and looking at some older games and how to burn those. then emulate it with your disk. that should make you a good copy of what you are looking to make.


-- grouch (, January 30, 2001.

use nero but select the image recorder & then copy the disk image to the drive select the illegal toc types before creating image though. once copied select your writer and away you go.. simple!

tada Kev!

-- ultravox (, February 07, 2001.

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