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-- Anonymous, January 27, 2001


Couple of items from the Woodstock Times:

1/ The two younger BB gun shooters were former Onteora students, no word on the older brother. No tears running down the face of the Onteora Indian to indicate his embarassment at not teaching these kids about honor and courage.

2/ Chris Gonyea at his Living Room Gallery at 45 North Front street will host a Native American film and video festival this string. One of you want to talk with him about mascot films? Any new mascot films out in the past year?

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2001

I asked Wendy Stefano for a few details, just for the record, never know if they will come in handy. She says this:

1. Matthew G. Norton, 19, was an Onteora student. He left during the 1999/2000 school year and did not complete graduation requirements. There has not been a Request for Records to enroll him at any other school. Nicole L. Cordani, 19, graduated from Onteora on June 24, 2000. Robert A. Cordani, 28; a check of the Onteora High School Guidance Dept. records shows no trail of Robert in our District.

2. As far as we know, Mr. Doan is coordinator of the petition disavowing racism, etc. We have Petition # 10 with one signature hanging in the lobby of our office. When another petition was left at a Board meeting, I returned it to Mr. Doan when I saw him next.

3. The minutes of the 11-20-00 Board meeting contain the Board's Resolution Repudiating Final Conflict; and several public comments. From that point on, I do not recall, nor did I see, documentation regarding this subject submitted by C.A.R.E. I have sent you a copy of these minutes as an attachment.

The minutes mention only this connected with CARE:"Nick Maouris C.A.R.E. not part of Hate Group. Father an immigrant, would have to hate his father if that were so. Symbol issue getting out of line. Needs to stop."

This reinforces my recollection that his response was very personal, and could no way be considered an official CARE response (and you'd have expected an official response from CARE to come from one of their officers).

Palindrome received today: Dubya won? No way, Bud!

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2001

1) ok I'll when ever Sat or Sun. 2) what about this thursday school brd meeting (1 feb 01)?

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2001

Hi guys. On a different note (then I'll get back to Woodstock parents), Sue Goldberg called me (a friend of Jane VDB's) and said that this Sunday at 1:00 pm they are having a gathering at Jane's house to show support for her, as she will be having surgery next Thursday (Feb. 8). Tests are, apparently, looking better than previously, it seems the chemo did shrink the tumor some. Sue wanted me to make sure you all knew about the gathering, in the hopes that some can come.

We've had more stress here over the Fred Perry thing. When Onaje received the restraining order against him, besides saying he can't come within so many feet of Fred Perry, it also says he can't come anywhere near Perry's WIFE. We don't know her, wouldn't recognize her, so OB wouldn't know if he was in a grocery line behind her, so there's no way to be sure he's not violating the order. He feels it's a set-up, and it definitely feels racist to me (protect the little lady against the big black man...) Since it came out, OB has been filled with rage, which is leaking out into our family life. Not to mention the fact that this is his last month with a job because of the whole thing. He's looking in different places for a job, including out of state, which means my kids will lose their dad's daily contact if he has to move. Sorry to keep complaining, folks, but I feel like the casualty in the road. I'm glad you folks are carrying on, but I can't do it. Had another nail in tire yesterday, but figure that one was probably just a nail in tire.

On the meeting you're having, here's some names of Woodstock people I know are supportive: Ritambhara Sherman 679-6811, Francine Xavier, Jeannie Chun, Dan Schneider, Tarac. Numbers to follow as soon as I find my book.

In West Hurley, Stephanie Kristal 679-5026.

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2001


It all sounds dreadful...the wide net on the restraining order, Onaje's being hounded in the job market...small minds with nasty agendas. Sad.

I hope you'll consider reporting the "nail in tire"...I don't agree it is "just a nail"...given the givens...we all need to be on the lookout again.


-- Anonymous, February 01, 2001

BOE meeting tonight at 6PM in the High school cafeteria...Not 7PM, but 6PM..Agenda: Building projects...possibly modulars...

see ya' Tobe

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2001

Latest incarnation of the CARE web page is out. What is this sudden outbreak of hyphens on the CARE board? We now have Rose Rainwater-Ostrander and Kim Alexander- Maouris. Somebody slipped some nascent feminism into their Wheaties?

You've got to read the list of lies that the Board is trying to take credit for on that page, it's a real thighslapper. Alison hasn't brought home that newspaper yet, does it exist? Or are they talking of the column in Umhey's rag, which I can't pick up in Olivebridge or Shokan? And improving the school's moral spirit -- wasn't the Indian supposed to do that, not the Board?

My little sister Julie, who is 22 years younger than I, was out from Oregon last weekend. Turns out her old best friend from childhood is also doing mascot work, so we'll be getting in touch. That was a pleasant surprise.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2001

Those images are lifted from the clip art at aol-my hometown and have nothing to do with actual local locations or photos. Look under 'view' on the upper toolbar and then page source or page info to see more about where the material is from or called.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2001

At leats one Perry in the world knows the right thing to do: Friday, February 2, 2001

Make way for 'Red Storm' in Scarborough

By JOHN RICHARDSON, Portland Press Herald Writer

SCARBOROUGH - Scarborough's students and athletic teams are rising this morning to a new nickname: Red Storm.

The School Board approved the name in a 6-0 vote Thursday evening, finally ending a year-long identity crisis that was emotional for many and frustrating for others.

Redskins, the school's nickname since the 1930s, was eliminated because it is considered offensive to American Indians. Red Storm survived a long selection process, and was the most popular of five candidates put to a vote in schools this

The new name didn't exactly sweep away the community, however. Several students came forward Thursday, one armed with a long petition, asking the school board to drop all five names and start again. Even most of the school board members offered only weak support: It doesn't denigrate anyone and, they said, it's got potential.

"Not that it's the greatest name that ever hit the Town of Scarborough," said Board member Robert Mitchell. "But it's a name we can still rally around."

"It's going to be the greatest name, however," interjected Jaquelyn Perry, another board member. "Starting tonight."

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2001

The drama club did start this fall. No sign of a newspaper that has shown up in Alison's pack yet, and I don't call it a school newspaper if I have to drive to Boiceville and pay 40 cents to read the column. It's established a student-be-heard agenda, it just won't let the students be heard.

I took the "moral" at face value, thought it modified "spirit." Thanks for noting that. For a moment I was worried that all the inevitable school sluts had reformed because of Board of ED resolution, and was quite concerned.

On the other hand, Tobe and Meg are responsible for global warming and the California energy crisis.

Might be useful to mine the Woodstock Times letters column for disaffected citizenry. I can 't find my copy immediately, was there a Silbey who wrote, and someone else, who might be enlisted in The Cause?

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2001

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