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2 good junkyardwars ideas are: 1. two teams each build digging machines wich must dig within a 10' square of soil and dig to a deapth of 5' to find a treasure! 1st one to dig it up is the winner! No people can dig the machine must do ALL the digging! 2. each tem makes a sound machine. The team whos machine makes the loudests sound wins!

-- will (, January 27, 2001


Love the idea for some sort of digging device, the sound machine sounds Too easy to me.. How about a carboat combination!!

-- mike (, January 27, 2001.

I think that would be really hard... Very fun to watch ! However it would be extremely hard to keep it floating (watertight/bouyant).

-- will (, January 27, 2001.

Will you stop suggesting all the same ideas. Start reading the topics!!!!!!!!!

-- bob (, January 28, 2001.

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