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Build an air boat, have a race. An air boat to my understanding is one propelled by air and not with a bade in the water.

Build a cement truck. give them sand, rocks, water and cement. It all has to be mixed on the truck, wagon what ever they choose and transported to a place where they have to pour so much cubic feet, say a one or two cubic yards total. They will have to build something that turns and can dump what is in it plus get a strong enough vehicle to transport it. Lots to do in ten hours.

Build a torpedo, thats pretty much it, the team that launches it and gets closest to the target wins, OK this one is weak.

Love the egg maching gun mentioned earlier on this page. Have two teams battle it out, shoot at each other with one to two hundred eggs, the team with the most eggs on their side at the end looses. Think this one would be very funny. Know you don't like them aiming at each other, but every once in a great while, hey it could really be fun. Big problem is how do they launch an egg, how do they launch 200 eggs in say five minutes, no throwing. Say they are 50 feet apart and you put a line between the two teams.

-- Richard James Retey (, January 27, 2001


Air cannon for the eggs swampy, We have launched watermelons 3,800 ft before with our big ones. Eggs would be heavy enough to be dangerous.

-- Waddy Thompson (, January 28, 2001.

YOu can't launch an egg 3,800 feet. it would come apart first, I am not talking hard boiled eggs

-- Richard James Retey (, February 02, 2001.

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