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I would like see you have compitition with sail boats and/or Hydrofoils. Mainly I would like to see you bring back British competitors (I find them boring, and I'm an American)and I would like to see you bring back A.K.A. Crighton to the show and get rid of the American host (the guy)

Your Viewer Thomas Brack (

-- Thomas Brack (, January 27, 2001


I really enjoyed the British competitors, loved the military brothers they were a hoot. The American host is OK but not like Crighton, I guess that is his name. As for the sail boats you have to add something more to it, I'd think a simple sail boat would be so easy to build, where is the challenge. If they had to build a sail boat that could hold all four people, sail a small lake, cross some land with it and sail a ways further, then you might have something. But just a simple sail boat could be done in no time, what would they do the other six to seven hours, play cards?

-- Richard James Retey (, January 27, 2001.

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