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As an old-time theater projectionist (35mm and IMAX) I've seen up close what the power of light can do. How about a challenge of building a lensed projector that FOCUSES the beam to a point (like using a magnifier to burn a hole in paper with sunlight) powerful enough to cut through a heavy substance within a time limit? Maybe styrofoam or a block of laminated cardboard, or thin metal sheets could be cut. This could work with either solar input or electrical power. This has historic significance, as soldiers on shores (possibly Greece) used big concave mirrors to ignite the sails of approaching enemy ships. This could also be simulated on a pond with model ships, or even just sails mounted on poles. You could also use it to boil water in a whistling container, like a big noisy teakettle, after they've burned through other substances to get there.

-- Pony R. Horton (, January 26, 2001


I love the idea......Not sure if It's Junk Yard Wars Material.....But I love it

-- JunkMan (, January 27, 2001.

a most excellent suggestion!......and what great eduational value!..a show on optics! the reflective portion of a headlight would make a great mirror......albiet small

-- tim (, January 29, 2001.

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