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I have been trying to install Nero for hours and all I get is system hangs, fatal exceptions and the blue screen of death.

Here is my system configuration: Dell Dimension XPS450, PII, 256 MBs Ram Windows 98SE AHA-2940AU SCSI Host Adapter EZ-SCSI was never installed HP ScanJet 6200C on SCSI chain JAZ on SCSI chain Zip (IDE) HP CD-Writer 9100 Series (IDE)

I have searched Nero's Helptools and tried the following with no success:

1) Uninstalled Easy CD Creator 4.0 Deluxe 2) Uninstalled Direct CD 3) Renamed SCSI1HLP.VXD 4) Renamed all the drivers suggested in your Helptools 5) Restored the ASPI files from the Win98SE CD-ROM (could not find any reference to them on Adaptec's site and the links on Nero's site are out of date)

In searching the Internet, I found that many are having the same problems. I have never spent so much time trying to get an application to function. The only reason that I was drawn to Nero is for it's support of Super VideoCD.

I know that a refund is unlikely, so I will just reinstall Easy CD Creator 4.0 Deluxe and call it a day. As you can tell, I am frustrated and disappointed.

-- Bill Spicer (, January 26, 2001


After much patience and support from Nero directly, it was discovered there was a previously unreported conflict between the driver for MacOpener (by Dataviz) and Nero. We found it necessary to rename or remove macopen.vxd in Windows\System\iosubsys. Of course this killed MacOpener, but Nero worked perfectly!

-- Bill Spicer (, February 01, 2001.

Hi Bill,

how did you get in direct contact with Nero ? They haven't responded at all to my emails :-( I have a ide writer (Aopen crw1232) that Nero doesn't even recognize at startup (I pretty much know it's ok because it works flawlessly under FreeBSD and NT sees it as a cdrom)



-- Rainer Busch (, April 10, 2001.

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