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What are the pros and cons of print film and slide film. Will buying slide film save money? and where to get the best deals on films?

-- Alhamd Wardani (, January 26, 2001


PRINT film pros; about 2 stops allowance for incorrect metering, can crop quite abit if doing enlargements.... cons; colours can be off due to developer or developer's machines etc, colours can fade in years to come, development can be expensive compared to slides ($10 average) SLIDE film pros; accurate colours, cheaper to develop ($4.80 without mounting)... cons; composition must be quite good coz little allowance for cropping, slide films can be expensive (fuji velvia used by alot of professionals cost $9.50 a roll or fuji provia costs $8.50).

i learnt that by self loading slides i can save up to $3-$3.50 per roll depending on the slide used. Buy a bulk velvia film (ard $120) gives me 21-22 rolls. u need to buy a self loader gadget (less than $100) n load the film yourself but u save loads in the long term.

try cathay photo at peninsula plaza or MS color at ang mo kio central for good deals on films. for me, MS color still gives the best deals on film/slides if u happen to be staying around that area.

hope this helps!

-- sanz (, February 05, 2002.

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