A couple more new directions ?

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I have a couple of suggestions. I am not being concerned with the logistics of it since that is your specialty *grin* I figure if I can spark some ideas then you can run with them.

One idea is if you run out of actual projects then perhaps you could change the approach to building source. That is, perhaps you could provide a complete vehicle or a complete piece of equipment from which they would have to reconstruct a new piece of operating equipment. This would entail them dismantling the original piece (very carefully) and then reconstructing whatever it was they were challenged to do and again within a time limit. It would sort of a From/To challenge.

The second idea is that they would have to make something a little more complex. They could be challenged to create one piece of machinery/equipment that had to be able to function as something else as well... something along the same line as the kids' product "Transformers" It could be a Dual purpose/Metamorphosis challenge. I hope that perhaps I have given your creative juices some "food" for thought. *smile*

-- Geraldine McCullough (gerrimcc@sentex.net), January 26, 2001


Yeah!! One team has to convert an old semi into Optimus Prime and the other team has to take an old WWII machine and make it transform into Megatron.

Sorry, couldn't resist ;) Ben

-- Ben Schleimer (bensch@uclink4.berkeley.edu), February 20, 2001.

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