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As the show grows,more money I think would become available to them. It is a low budget for-matt right now. I think as the popularity increases, more projects will be tempted. Also they have added or tooken items away from the junkyard to either make it harder or help them meet there goal. Sooner or latter, you will loose interest, as the show has less interesting projects to build. They could always change the 10 hour rule. my interest comes from seeing things built out of junk that I did not think possible. I mean I never thought about a hydrofoil. But I think I could build one like that for next to nothing, compared to a new one. also gives me creative ideas to do at home.

-- ryan (, January 25, 2001


tooken ?

-- B Kelly (, January 28, 2001.

tooken....dutch derivation....means to remove or delete!

-- tim (, January 29, 2001.

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