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I am getting ready to build a layout using Atlas code 83 customline #4 turnouts. What are the thoughts on powering the frog. I'm thinking of using Atlas snap relay's to power route the frog. Probably will us a DS54 for turnout control. Might just us a panel mounted switch at first.

What switch machine is recommended?

Also, any suggestions on soldering the bridge wires without melting the ties??

-- Jeff Frederick (, January 25, 2001


Atlas under-the-table switch machine and snap relays are a good match for their track switches. I'm not sure if a DS54 can handle it. See the report on Tony's board Tortoises also work well, and have a built-in switch for the frog.

Use a brass screw in the hole at the frog to attach a wire. You may have to tap the hole first.


-- Don Vollrath (, January 26, 2001.

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