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I've downloaded some mpegs and have converted them to MPEG-1 so i can burn them and watch on my Napa Dav310 player but they won't play on it. I burned the VCD using Nero. It won't play on my roommate's DVD player either. Is there something i'm not doing right or anything?

-- Jason (, January 25, 2001


ma seem like a stupid question but are both the machines VCD compliant.

-- kellyc (, January 29, 2001.

Is that Napa actually National Panasonic 310?? If so, you can cry tears of blood but that won't play CD-R/RW media. For more on the stuff dig into the playing CD-R/RW part of this forum. The 310 IS VCD compliant BUT ONLY if the VCD is a pressed original, NOT CD-R/RW. :D

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 29, 2001.

I recently purchased the DAV310 player also. You say it is only vcd compliant if it's a pressed original ... does that mean I shouldn't get the audio part of the vcd too? --- when I play my burned vcd on the player, I can hear the movie but there's no video playing on my tv.

-- Dette (, February 12, 2001.

I have a Dav309 and it plays my VCd just fine, I think it's maybe something your not doing right.


-- William Holland (, February 17, 2001.

You say that you downloaded the mpeg files; maybe the image size of your mpegs are incompatible with the VCD standard which is 352x240 for NTSC video. I don't know the standard size for PAL video, but I will give you a link to where you can get much info on this topic. I would check the video size. If it is not 352x240 or whatever the pal standard is, it WILL NOT play.

These could be your problems:

1. MPEG videos are not PAL or NTSC compliant 2. MPEG video exceeds 2.1 megabyte data rate 3. VCD file structure may be incorrect. When making VCDs, filenames and volumenames CANNOT exceed eight characters plus the three character extension. (e.g. AVSEQ001.mpg) 4. VCD was not burned correctly (file heirarchy) 5. If using CD-RW or CD-R, did you close the disc?

I suggest that you study the structure of your existing VCDs and ask yourself: Am I following 1-5? I will be purchasing a NAPA very soon. So, If I come across some new findings, I will brief you. Also, check: for more indepth information on VCD production.


-- Philmo (, April 11, 2001.

-- Philmo 2X (, April 11, 2001.

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