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I have been using a Bogen 3001 tripod with a 3030 head on it for my 4x5 field camera for a couple of years. This set up weighs 5.5 pounds and is marginal. I have considered getting the Bogen 3021S for a sturdier tripod. This would increase the weight of my system to about 6.5 pounds. The 5.5 pounds I am currently carrying is already a pain. I thought I could cut most of the center post off and maybe saw off a thing or two on the head to reduce the weight of the new sytem. I can't imagine spending $500 for a carbon tripod to save weight, but was checking them out in my B&H catolgue anyway. I noticed that Gitzo makes a tripod that has the same capacity as the Bogen 3021. Its the Gitzo 201. I beleive it is aluminum and only weighs 4 pounds, a .75 pound savings over the Bogen 3021. Has anyone had experience with the Gitzo 201 tripod? Also would my Bogen 3030 head fit on it ? Thanks.

-- Paul Mongillo (, January 25, 2001


for 4x5 you should look at gitzo's 3 series or higher. the 1325 carbon is optimal and, for me, worth the money. series 2 is just not sturdy enough.

-- adam friedberg (, January 25, 2001.

The 2 series Gitzos work fine for 4x5, in that they can easily support the weight, but you have to be VERY careful not to move the camera when inserting holders. If weight is that big an issue, go for it. .

-- Stewart Ethier (, January 25, 2001.

I've used a Gitzo 226 for almost twenty years to support my Tachihara field camera. This tripod has been more than adequate. I even use it to support my Bronica 645 which weighs more than the Tachi. There is no need to go to the 300 series. Since the 200 series is adequate, the only thing you would gain by moving up is additional weight to lug around.

-- Ken Burns (, January 25, 2001.


The Gitzo 3 series are inherently more stable, because they have more mass. The 2 series, which I use, is perfectly adequate for supporting a 4x5 (I've even used it with an 8x10) but it lacks the mass. To overcome this problem, I carry a mesh bag to which I add either camera equipment or rocks and attach it to the tripod. This add the extra mass and makes the tripod more stable.


-- Pete Caluori (, January 26, 2001.

Yes your head will fit on a gitzo. Also you can't go wrong either way. Actually I have a gitzo 2 series and a bogen 3236 that I use with a linhof technica. The bogen, though quite heavy, was great for climbing up mesas in New Mexico. I would throw the tripod and climb up after it. I use the gitzo when I,m not going to be near the car or when I,m not going to be abusive. It isn,t nearly as sturdy but it does the job without breaking your back.

-- john (, January 26, 2001.

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