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I'm repeating myself here, because I forgot to check "Ideas etc." a few posts ago.

Anyway, I looked more carefully over the other suggestions, and on a couple of fan sites, and see no sailboat suggestions, or any mention it has been done yet.

A sailboat can be made so many ways... planing hull vs. displacement, multihull vs. mono, shallow draft vs. deep draft, and so on. And the hulls can be the coracle, cloth over frames type, or simple tubes, or tires, or sheet riveted together... or who-knows. I think it would be good. But sorry if this has been suggested before... be kind in your flames! Rich.

-- Richard SantaColoma (, January 25, 2001


Love the show but have only been watching for about three months now. The sail boat sounds like a great idea, safe enough with life jackets and that sort of thing. One negative thing about the sail boat, I had a fan idea with an electric motor that they had to build from scratch. Someone told me it was too simple and could be built in about an hour, although I doubt an hour, I am sure it wouldn't have taken the full ten hours for my idea and it wouldn't have kept four people busy. A sail boat could be built fairly quickly...

-- Richard James Retey (, January 25, 2001.

I read the answer to your post, relating to the electric motor. I'm afraid that was a sarcastic response, which you, too, will realize if you re-read it, and note the "address" of the person who answered. I think they objected to the "built from scratch" aspect. I think these "funny" responses stem from people who watch this stuff, but still live at a level of disbelief that any of it is possible. But despite the occasional nasty answers, we'll have fun, anyway. Right?

-- Richard SantaColoma (, January 25, 2001.

Building boats allowing sail and human power at the same time would make a good show. The materials found for the build, the way they are assembled, the ideas for human power, the amount of wind, the list goes on. Besides, one of them might capsize. I feel that this would be a good challenge. Waddy/"Rusty J's"

-- Waddy Thompson (, January 25, 2001.

Ya sail boats would be good. In the verses contest one could be a monohull and one could be a catamaran. One is slower and turns sharper and the other is faster but does not turn too well. Run them around a course.

-- Dennis Murphy (, January 30, 2001.

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