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Does the new season begin this Monday?

-- Tom Carter (, January 25, 2001


The season starting on Monday is a repeat of a previous season. I'm not entirely sure which season, I just know it's older. They are supposed to start filming the new season in a couple of months. We'll probably see it in the fall.

-- William Barrett (, January 25, 2001.

I think so too. It is dissapointing to me, though. I really wantes to see some newer episodes. I don't like these old ones like I love the new ones. I just hope the new season is American, and lasts longer than a few weeks. They should spread them out more (instead of two a night) so we can enjoy them for longer!

-- Matthew Snyder (, January 29, 2001.

The new Season 5 shows haven't been filmed yet. That will occur in the May timeframe. My guess would then put the new shows on toward the end of the summer.

BTW, the "new" shows running right now (Feb 2001) are from Season 1. Some of them have never been shown in the US before. So, to quote NBC's summer motto from a few years ago "If you haven't seen it, its new to you..."

boy was that lame...


-- Brian Flynn (, February 05, 2001.

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