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Please stop suggesting that Junkyard Wars make a challenge involving two machines that fight each other. There is already a show that does that called Battle Bots, and it's a British rip-off also.

-- ed (, January 25, 2001


Battlebots is not strictly a British rip-off, although the British "Robot Wars" aired first. Both are offspring of a series of robot tournaments starting in California about 1994. There were two partners that sponsored "Robot Wars" tournaments. After a falling out, one of the partners, with the half-hearted support of the other, went on to produce "Robot Wars" in the UK, while a couple of RW competitors went on -- completely independently -- to develop "Battlebots" in the US. Both shows grew out of the same series of tournaments, but it was a strictly US invention. (By the way, the UK robots that have appeared on Battlebots have not done very well.) You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about this history of fighting radio-controlled robots at

-- Rick Tyler (, January 25, 2001.

I think a BattleBots idea is very creative. Who cares if there already IS a show about it. It would be a good challenge!

-- LOTCB (not real name, duh) (, February 16, 2001.

Yeah, then you'll want a junkyard wars "Survivor Episode" and Then Junkyard Wars "Temptation Junkyard"........Let's keep this thing seperate from all those pleeeaaasseee!

-- John Gap (, February 16, 2001.

Ed and John... Ok... there's another show like it and U think it's a ripoff... About the "Survivor Episode" and "Temptation Junkyard" thing... I'm not even going to go there...(Too weird). People, like me, just want to see a good challenge. I think it is a good idea, there's everything in a junkyard for a real battle without the limitations of battlebots. Seeing 2 different teams' designs and ideas would be interesting. Construct and then Destruct, that's a challenge!!!

-- JC (VBNUT@HOTMAIL.COM), March 27, 2001.

"Temptation Junkyard" would be redundant. Take a good look at the junk yard they use now- Is that tempting or what? And bad news: There are now THREE robot battle shows. We're seeing ads here for something called "Robotica" or something like that. Looks like Robot Wars with better lighting. How many robot shows do we really need?

-- Chip Haynes (, March 27, 2001.

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