Why not simply a sailboat?

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They do take so many forms... a sailboat can be made in so many ways. And the junkyard (the one you've been using, anyway) is so filled with tarps and plastic sheeting of all kinds, for sails. Rich.

-- Rich SantaColoma (helio6@hotmail.com), January 25, 2001


simple cloth sail Vs wind turbine driving a prop via gearing - yeah that whould be funky - (but the cloth sail might be too quick a build for 10 hrs)

-- bez (bez@bezz.removeinvalidbit.demon.co.uk), January 25, 2001.

OK there are gonig to both be plain old sails but the fun would be in the hull shapes. Catamaran vs Monohull. Capsize City BABY.

-- Stephen A. Binion (Stephenbinion@hotmail.com), January 26, 2001.

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