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My friends and I had a challenge in '91, where the goal was very similar to JYW's. I decided we should all build iceboats from scrap, and then race them. Mine was wood framed, with plumbing steering and a web/sling seat. Another was welded steel with spring suspension. Most had angle iron runners. And so on. Six or more boats of varying success. If getting the challenge near good ice seems daunting, you could have landsailers instead... essentially like iceboats, but with wheels. Two on a crossplank in the back, and one steering one in the front. I have some links to landsailer sites at my Icester Iceboats page at I'd be glad to help in any way... love the show! Rich.

-- Richard SantaColoma (, January 25, 2001


Hi Richard,

There has indeed been a JYW episode with LandSailers. Great ep too. Check the Channel4UK Scrapheap Challenge website for details.


-- Thomas (, January 25, 2001.

Sorry... and I did read all the posts, first! Well, how about the iceboats, then? Rich

-- Rich SantaColoma (, January 25, 2001.

Hey Richard,

Admittedly this board is becoming so big and unwieldly I miss some posts myself. =)

Anyway, if you get a chance, do try to catch the episode-- Season 3 preliminary heats, Megalomaniacs vs. Driller Thrillers. The challenge was to build what they call "Land Yachts." Megalomaniacs went for a 1-sail landsailer while the Driller Thrillers went for a more innovative (and risky) 2-sail design. Great episode with awesome action! You will love that ep. =)


-- Thomas (, January 25, 2001.

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